Our Terms and Condition

Describbe is a blogging platform that enables bloggers to upload their articles with ease and in an efficient manner. We have got everything a blogger needs to make their blog presentation and uploading process efficient and convenient.

Authors will need to create their profiles on the platform. We’d suggest bloggers mention all the required details properly and maintain a pleasing profile. Making a good profile will allow your reader to find you easily.

Describbe allows authors to write articles without any limit. Our site has no word limit for articles and nor does it have a restriction to a specific length of a blog. They are free to create content of as much length as they want.

When you become an active author on our website, you can interact with your audience, and people can ask your questions as well. If you have expertise in the matter that you publish, Describe is a great place to upload your writing and solve people’s curiosities as well.

Your readers can review or comment on your blog. This section encourages people to appreciate or put constructive feedback on your article. You can even solve the quick doubts of your readers or engage in small conversations.

Another great feature we’ve added to our blogger platform is that your readers can like the blogs. This would result in encouragement on the writer's side and an expression of delight on the reader's side.

People can follow their favorite author and keep track of the same list. They can get notifications whenever you publish an article or have engaged in a conversation with them. Readers can follow as many authors as they like.

Our platform is a space to publish a variety of topics in the world, and hence authors and readers have many categories to choose from. This makes searches specific and easy. If you have your niche, it is greatly beneficial.

Once you publish your blog through our platform, the search engines will be quick to find the right blog from the site that is relevant to the searches. This will increase the reach of your blog and bring your many readers from across the internet.


Describbe.com does not take any guarantee of your account or your blog. All engagement must be safely carried out from the author’s site. Apart from the site’s technical bugs, we take no responsibility for your account. No vulgar or obscene content or images will be allowed. Publishing such content is strictly prohibited and can even lead to the banning of your account. Authors shall take care of these aspects before publishing the blog. Foul acts can lead to account termination too.